We are young, full of energy and enthusiasm, and we have the good fortune of sharing the same love for our land, our vineyards and our wine.  So we are writing our story together. We are looking to the future. For us, each vintage, each wine and each idea is a new beginning and a step closer to excellence.

1980: The birth of a dream and a family passion.

The story began in 1980, when Jocelyne and Michel Paquet created Domaine des Valanges. The estate, located in Davayé, a small village in the Mâconnais region, which initially covered 6 hectares, continually grew.  Recognized for its Saint-Véran, the estate’s wines were soon being exported around the world.  Over the years, Jocelyne and Michel transmitted their love of the vineyards and winemaking to their three sons, Jean-Baptiste, Mathieu and Camille.

2014 – 2016: The family’s passion for winemaking grows ever stronger

In 2014, the estate expanded with the acquisition of a 2-hectare estate in Solutré-Pouilly, mainly in the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation. The brothers then took over 10 hectares in the Mâcon appellation, which extended the range and brought a new dimension to this family adventure.  It was also an opportunity to express the diversity and richness of the terroirs of the Mâconnais region, from north to south.

In 2016, the three sons took over the 12-hectare family property.  Today, Camille manages the vineyards and winemaking, while Mathieu & Jean-Baptiste are responsible for the marketing and sale of the wines.  The new generation is working hard to perpetuate the family history, by acquiring new vines and moving to a less interventionist approach to winemaking, respecting the principles of organic growing.  Lovers of their Mâconnais terroirs, the three brothers share a common vision: to produce high-quality fine Burgundy wines and make them accessible to all.

2018 : The Conversion to Organic Agriculture

Strong in their convictions and their attachment to the land, the estate is committed to a viticulture that respects people, nature and the soil. Gradually, the estate is converting to ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. 2021 will mark the first certified vintage.

2019 : Famille Paquet : Renewal

The start of 2019 marked a turning point as the estates were merged into one: “Famille Paquet”. By bringing the range together under a single label, the brothers want to build the image and reputation of the wines crafted by the “Famille Paquet”.

Our approach

Committed to constantly offering the best, we move ahead, without restricting ourselves to what already exists and without being afraid of taking risks.

Camille manages the vineyards and the winery. With his experience gained in France and abroad, and his open-minded attitude, Camille is inspired by techniques and knowledge he discovered in other wine regions, which he experiments with and adapts. 

We therefore practice different types of pruning, no longer carry out vine topping work in some of the plots, compare the impact of different organic components, etc. Each year, we reinvent our work in the vineyards, inspired by traditional methods but improved through experience and innovation.

Producing high-quality fine wines also requires patience, understanding and precision.

At the rhythm of nature, which is often unpredictable, we therefore observe and compose with what she gives us.  Since 2018, the estate has been undergoing conversion to Organic Growing and we take great care to respect the soils and their biodiversity. We only use natural products in our vineyards.  We work each plot according to its specific requirements (plowing, grass cover, etc.), listening to nature and her seasons. We also use an Organic and Biodynamic compost produced in Burgundy to stimulate the microbial life in the soils.

The make-up of all the different plots is also important. In addition to high-quality exposures and terroirs, our vineyards consist of about 50 plots spread over almost 30 hectares. This size of vineyard holding is rare for Burgundy and allows us to bring out the full potential of each plot.

Our knowledge of all these various plots and our cumulative experience over the different vintages allow us to draw out all the richness of the terroirs and obtain perfect quality grapes. This quality is essential for producing high-quality fine wines.

Our winemaking work follows the same logic and is therefore based on consideration, observation and respect. We limit our interventions to the bare minimum in a quest for the finest expression of each terroir. Each wine and each vintage is therefore unique.

To ensure the long-term development of the estate and meet future requirements, several projects are being planned.  In particular, we have embarked upon a winery extension project that has been carefully thought through over the years and should be completed by 2021. In line with our principles, we have designed an eco-friendly building, fitted with the equipment required for the crafting of optimal quality wines (full gravitation and advanced equipment).



Respect is at the foundation of everything we do. Our main concern has always been for the respect of our soil and its biodiversity.  Our transition to organic growing is all part of this ethos.

Respect for human beings is also important. The Paquet family is above all a story of men and women, involving partners, suppliers, customers and winegrowing friends.


Our quest for perfection impacts each stage of the production process, from the vineyards to the wine in the glass. Each bottle is the fruit of meticulous, precise and audacious work.

We constantly review all our work, demand only the best and encourage innovation. Our knowledge is reinvented, combining modernity and tradition.


There is no greater pleasure for us than to share with you those wines of which we are rightly proud and to tell you their story.

As Paul Bocuse used to say, “The most prestigious bottles start to exist when they are emptied with friends”.   Conviviality, sharing and generosity are at the very heart of our philosophy, which is a veritable “art of living”.